Service and repair

Are you having trouble opening or closing your garage door? Is it making ear‑splitting sounds like it’s going to break at any moment?

If so, you can relax because Maritime Garage Doors has skilled, experienced service personnel in the Moncton area, who can reach you quickly in an emergency and make the necessary repairs.

You never know…

There are usually no indications that your lifting cables or springs are on the verge of breaking. When they do, it’s often at the most inconvenient moment—like when you’re running late for work—that you suddenly find that your door won’t open.

You might push the button on your remote only to find that nothing happens. You try to open the door manually, and after struggling with it, it finally opens, revealing that a spring is broken or a lifting cable is frayed.

But help is just a phone call away:

  • We have service vehicles in your area to respond quickly to your emergency
  • Our trucks are fully stocked with an inventory of replacement parts and accessories
  • Our technicians have experience in repairing all different brands of garage doors
  • We can repair residential, commercial or industrial doors

Better safe than sorry

In keeping with this old adage, Maritime Garage Doors offers a preventive maintenance program to ward off those unpleasant—and usually costly—surprises. Our “tune-upservice will save you time and money by preventing premature wear and tear on parts, avoiding problems before they happen to ensure the correct, uninterrupted operation of your garage door at your home or business.

You may be wondering how often you should have this done. It really depends on how you use your garage door. We recommend that most homeowners schedule preventive maintenance before the onset of winter. When it comes to your commercial or industrial door, it may be necessary to have it serviced as seldom as once a year or as often as every three months, depending on how many times per day you open and close it.

Experienced professionals you can count on

The experienced technicians at Maritime Garage Doors are seasoned professionals who have been installing and repairing garage doors for many years. Whether you have a garage door emergency or would simply like to sign up for our preventive maintenance program, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 1-877-857-8108.

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